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With a diverse software product range targeted for varied markets and customers, Suvarna Technosoft delivers value based solutions in every aspect of the hospital management and operation. cycle through our innovative products like HIMS, DMS and Payroll.

Our solutions portfolio encompasses state of the art modules which are technically advanced yet highly user friendly which cater to the varied requirements of our customers in the health care sector. We have based our products on a highly customizable architecture for flexible deployment. Suvarna leads the industry by following the highest quality standards and has achieved the ISO 9001 certification for our focus and commitment to customer service.

Delivering value

Every product we sell to our valued clients is backed by our strong support teams which are highly trained in understanding the needs of our customers which are diverse and multi fold. Our products are proven to deliver results in the demanding healthcare industry and improve the quality of healthcare standards across varied specializations which are present in the current market. Our product suite which is chosen by many clients who require the complex integration of a HIMS system, a DMS system and a Payroll Manager is one of our key strong points. Suvarna has developed its HIMS system to provide the best solutions and services for our hospital clients on various fronts. Our HIMS modules are developed using various types of innovative techniques and a total focus on client requirements. These HIMS modules can be customized in various ways and this proves the flexibility of our product. Our product design is highly evolved to meet every existing and future expansion requirements which our customer may have and is highly scalable for every business requirement/need. Know further about how our solutions can improve your revenues and streamline operational


An acronym for the hospital information management system, this product has revolutionized the various aspects of hospital management. Our HIMS system is designed using various advanced tools which allow rapid customization and enrichment of product features. Our HIMS solutions are ideal for hospitals of every size and scale and can be deployed rapidly and effectively with minimal resources either in a standalone or networked web based interface. Our HIS modules are designed to provide the highest level of flexibility which enhance the hospital's operational standards while reducing the cost.

Payroll Management System

We have smoothened the entire payroll management and processing systems which is used by a wide range of customers. By creating innovative products which solve their complex payroll needs, we deliver value and efficiency in their business operations. Highly secure access controls and enhanced security provisions are built into our payroll modules to eliminate errors and unauthorized access by users. Our payroll solutions enhance corporate productivity levels by as much as 50% as we use a highly streamlined and process driven solution approach.


Suvarna helps gives the gift of life by crossing barriers and enhancing the quality of medicare for everyone in the society. Our advanced bio medicine solutions help doctors reach out their patients and provide accurate diagnosis for every disease or ailment which is curable. Our Telemedicine or E- health modules are cost effective and work on highly proven designs which ensure maximum module up time and transparent operation. We deliver end to end solutions for bio medicine which gives our customers the best possible value for their medical investment.

Radiology Information Systems

Our Radiology Information Systems (RIS) are on the forefront of techno innovation for the medical community. Using advanced tools which are built on reliable platforms which use lean resources, our Radiology Information Systems(RIS) have been created for every type of customer who has a RIS requirement. We have deployed an advanced modular data transmission system called DICOM(Digital Imaging and Communication On Medicine) in our RIS products for rapid data exchange and work flow enhancement in the entire radiology operating cycle.


Managing a hospital to perfection is no small task and we at Suvarna Technosoft have created the most affordable and flexible hospital management information system which can be deployed and scaled to any level based on diverse client needs. Our MIS systems enhance and streamline client productivity by raising service standards and reducing administration and management costs at every level of operation through seamless HIMS integration. Total security is guaranteed through highly secure and comprehensive security management systems which allow conditional and tiered aces to end users on thin clients.

Inventory and Warehouse Management Software

A tight control on various inventories is essential for every business to regulate and ensure a steady stream of deliverable for customers. Suvarna has developed a unique inventory and warehouse management system which relies on minimal hardware infrastructure which makes it suitable for every type of business in different industry verticals. When used with our HIMS system, our inventory and warehouse management software is extremely effective in handling the diverse requirements of various users who need state of the art inventory and warehouse management in a hospital. Our skilled teams can customize and deploy any type of modification which is required by our clients at all stages of the business at the lowest cost.