Payroll Manager

The Suvarna HIMS has a payroll management system which is used for managing the various aspects of payroll within a hospital. Various aspects of employee payroll management can be handled easily using our payroll manager.

Employee access control

Employee time management and working hours calculation which are inbuilt into the payroll

Calculation of statutory compliances which include Provident Fund, Professional Tax and Income Tax.

Automation of Data Entry Tasks through simplified data management and direct file import functions

Customized reporting formats for various types of payroll heads including salary, taxation, and provident fund management.

Our payroll management module can be integrated with minimal effort and can be used for managing various payroll requirements which occur within the hospital on a daily basis.

You can add and integrate various types of modules which are used in our fully functional payroll manager. These modules add enormous amount of flexibility and help you get the maximum benefit from our software.