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Indus Hospital revolutionizes the way it offers healthcare by using Suvarna's HIS Solutions.

Indus Press Release

January 10th 2010- Hyderabad- Suvarna technosoft announced the sucessful implementation of their healthcare information software system at the prestigious Indus Hospital in Vishakpatanam. Implemented in a record time of just under 10 days with a tremendous amount of support by the hospital, Suvarna has set a new milestone for healthcare project implementation timelines.

Suvarna has dynamically integrated various departments within Indus hospital which uses one of the best equipment and has a very high quality medical infrastructure which is designed to provide quality care for our patients. Indus hospitals has a etam of highly experienced specialists who are dedicated to providing the best services for our patients and giving them a better tommorow.

About Indus Hospital

Indus hospital is a leading hospital in the city of vishakpatnam, started with a vision to provide quality care to patients from all walks of life, Indus hospital combines the best technology and qualified specialists who provide healthcare servies of international standards. With a wide range of healthcare firsts to its credit, Indus hospital is poised to make the gaint leap into the select league of hospitals who have performed rare surgical and treatment procedures sucessfully.

Suvarna Helps Prasad Hospitals enhance its effeciency through a powerful HIS Solution

Hyderabad- 25th January 2009- Suvarna Technosoft has sucessfully implemented a highly effective healthcare IT solution for Prasad Hospitals in Hyderabad. We have sucessfully deployed various healthcare Software modules for their diverse departments including Cardiology, Nephrology, Nuerology and various other departments. Our customized solutions have exceeded the client expectations and have helped them optimize their hospital workflows to deliver enhanced revenue and better patient care.

Suvarna did a detailed study into the various requirements which were required by our clients and customized the healthcare modules to their satisfaction. Suvarna's support engineers were available throughout the process to ensure seamless transition of the manual process to the automated healthcare software management system to the utmost satisfaction of client.

About Prasad Hospital

Prasad Hospital is a highly diverse and multi speciality hospital which caters to the growing needs of patients in hyderabad. With a wide range of facilities and world class infrastructure designed for the best patient care, prasad hospital leads the forefornt of medical care by providing the best care and treatment through a skilled team of experienced doctors and hospital staff.

About Suvarna Technosoft

Suvarna Technosoft is a leading provider of healthcare IT Solutions in the market. We provide quality healthcare solutions for various sizes of hospital across Andhra Pradesh. With a large client list consisting of many 700 bed hospitals our products and solutions provide true value additions to our clients in every aspect of hospital Management.